Оборудование PoEIP-видеокамера
Тип камерыфиксированная, тепловизионная
Внешняя (уличная)да
С возможностью ночной съемкида
Дистанционный контроль температуры для тяжелых условий эксплуатации
1 руб.
  • UL-certified for hazardous areas (USA market)
  • Detects fires and leaks
  • Monitors equipment and area temperature
  • Visual verification
  • Supports advanced analytics
XF60-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera lets you monitor temperatures, detect leaks – and take action – before it’s too late. Adding also perimeter protection possibilities together with powerful analytics. With its heavy-duty stainless-steel housing, XF60-Q2901 is certified for hazardous, explosion-prone applications. 

Too hot or too cold?

XF60-Q2901 lets you set alarms in up to six zones in two ways: when a temperature goes beyond a limit you’ve set or when it simply increases too quickly. XF40-Q2901 also features spot temperature functionality for visual verification of the temperature of a particular area and isothermal palettes for identifying overheated equipment or areas. It can detect object temperatures between -40 °C to 550 °C (-40 °F to 1022 °F). Shock detection functionality is also included. Typical industrial applications for the fixed XF60-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera includes control and detection of temperatures of equipment and leaks in pipes, fire detection, and monitoring of equipment and perimeter protection. Moreover, they help visually inspecting and verifying functions and processes are running correctly, and even providing remote assistance with planned maintenance. 

The Axis difference

Like all Axis products, XF60-Q2901 supports advanced analytics solutions, from our partners, so it can be easily integrated into your production system. You can use it to monitor production efficiency as well as to visually inspect processes and verify that they’re running smoothly. The camera can also be integrated with other systems such as your access control or fire-alarm systems to provide visual verification of events. 

Hazard-certified worldwide

XF60-Q2901 is UL certified for use in hazardous explosion-prone applications. Its electropolished stainless steel enclosure contains explosions and prevents sparks from igniting vapors, gases, dust, or fibers in the surrounding environment. The UL model is available with 110 V AC power input. For more information, check the product specific datasheet.

Макс. Разрешение, пикс. 720x576
Исполнение камеры Цилиндрическая
Объектив Фиксированный
Вандалозащищенная Да
ИК подсветка Нет
Уличная Да
Поворотная Нет
Функции Питание по PoE/Поддержка аудио/Уличная/Антивандальная/Взрывозащищенная
Питание по PoE Да
Поддержка звука Нет
Количество пикселей, Мпикс. 0.1
Размер матрицы 1/2.5"
Код продукта 01129-001
Фокусное расстояние, мм. 9.5
Кадров/с. (fps) 8.3
Мин. Угол обзора 17.0
Макс. Угол обзора 17.0
Рабочая температура, °C -60.0 — 40.0
Масса в упаковке (кг) 14.0

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