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Артикул: A1001
Оборудование PoE
сетевой контроллер дверей
Контроллер открытия дверей с PoE
1 руб.
  • Mix and match best-of breed software and hardware
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Based on open standards and API’s
  • ONVIF profile A and C compliant
  • Scalable and future proof
  • Support for Power over Ethernet
  • Easy administration

Network door controllers give you an efficient, highly secure way to control access to your premises. In other words, you can ensure that only people with permission to enter are allowed to enter.

Each network door controller is an intelligent device that is easily mounted close to a door and each AXIS A1001 powers and controls two readers. They can be integrated with your administrative systems such as visitor handling, attendance and timekeeping in order to help keep things running smoothly.

The benefits of IP 

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller is the heart of a solution that brings the benefits of open-architecture IP to physical access control.  It’s a proven, non-proprietary platform that offers a smarter, more flexible alternative to traditional access control. It can easily be connected to and powered by your existing IP network with no need for special cabling. By enabling remote management, health monitoring and easy installation, AXIS A1001 lowers your total costs – whether you need to secure a single entrance or thousands.

Truly open is truly smart

AXIS A1001 offers true openness, which means you’re not dependent on proprietary hardware or software. Instead, you’re free to use AXIS A1001 with open-standard hardware or software from the supplier of your choice –integrated with the solutions you already own or the ones you decide to purchase next year.  

And because AXIS A1001 is built on an open platform, you can integrate your access control solution with a long list of other systems and solutions: Integrate it with your network camera solution, for example, and send an alert to activate a camera when someone props open a door. Link it with your HVAC system to tie building occupancy to heating and cooling and save money – and the planet. Or integrate it with your time and attendance system. The – smart – possibilities are practically endless.

Scalable and flexible

AXIS A1001 lets you start with what you need and easily grow your access control solution in step with your business and your requirements. Whether that means starting with access control for a single building and later expanding it to your entire complex – or just to your elevators, for example. Or beginning with stand-alone access control and adding integration with other software systems in the future.

Сетевой контроллер дверей
Оборудование PoE
сетевой контроллер дверей
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Axis A1001 Network Door Controller - сетевой дверной контроллер AXIS A1001. На одну дверь. Данные автоматически синхронизируются между контроллерами в системе. Поддерживает большинство Wiegand и RS 485 OSDP считывателей. Поставляется со встроенным базовым ПО на 33 двери. Поддерживает Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af Class 3. 14 настраеваемых входов/выходов и 5 выходов питания для дверных аксессуаров, поддерживает ИБП. 

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